SINCE 1989

We have provided numerous companies with employee benefits programs such as

  • Group Health, Dental, & Disability
  • Retirement Plans
  • Self-Funded Plans
  • and so much more!



Health Insurance is the critical cornerstone of every employee benefit program. It is by far the most valuable and most expensive employee benefit. Medical costs continue to soar; patients are demanding better medical care and better service delivery. The health insurance industry remains in a constant state of flux.

Therefore it is imperative to constantly evaluate plan design, plan utilization and to evaluate cost saving techniques that can positively impact the bottom line. Here are a few key questions that DBGB can help you answer.

  • PPO, POS, HMO – what plan is best for you?
  • Can you redesign the benefits for greater savings?
  • How do Consumer Driven health plans work and can they really save money?
  • Should we be fully-insured or self-insured?
  • If self-funded, how do you know if your TPA or carrier is doing their job effectively?
  • Can you reduce prescription costs?
  • How do you offer benefits to employees who live and work out of the area?
  • What are the state and federal mandates?
  • Why should you settle for a boiler plate offering when DBGB can provide you with a customized solution?

Medical Plan Design components:

  • Group Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • RX
  • Medical Plan Funding Options
  • Consumer Driven Health Plans

Many employers provide employees with employer paid group term life insurance benefits and/or allow employees to purchase group term life insurance benefits. This benefit has become an integral part of most employer benefit plans because of its cost-efficiency and portability, as well as the contribution to an employee’s work-life balance. We can help you determine if offering this benefit is right for your organization.

No one really plans for that unexpected illness or injury that prevents them from earning their paycheck. Lost productivity due to disabled employees is one of the most expensive costs for employers.

As an employer you might ask yourself if Group Disability Insurance is necessary. The likelihood of becoming disabled is on the rise for working Americans. Studies show that working-age adults are more likely to suffer from a lengthy disability in a given year than they are to die. Unless it is offered through their employer, most adults have little, if any, disability insurance coverage. The financial consequences and costs associated with employee absence are high. The population is aging, which also translates into rising benefit utilization and cost. Beyond that, unscheduled absences disrupt workflow and increase cost, while human resource pressures are impacting the ability to dedicate adequate time and attention to lost-time experience.

For employers, lost time on the job due to a disability can significantly impact workplace productivity and profitability. However, disability insurance provides partial replacement of lost income for employees, while also covering overtime and costs of hiring replacements. With our expertise, we can help you design a cost effective approach to short and long term disability insurance.

Don Brown Group Benefits can deliver the resources you need to effectively communicate with employees about retirement. Our tools will help you inform your employees about planning for their retirement and guide them toward financial security in doing so – no matter their age.

401(k)’s, SEP’s, IRA’s, profit sharing plans, thrift plans, cash or deferred plans can be a powerful tool to promote financial security in retirement. They provide a host of benefits for employers, including aiding in hiring and retention, tax-advantaged contributions and the ability to include all employees, owners and managers and aid in employee retention.

Employees also enjoy advantages such as flexibility with contributions and investment options, tax-free earnings, and often portability if they leave the company. If you are sponsoring a retirement plan we have all the information you need to stay in compliance.

Employees do not live by salary and health insurance alone. Your employees have many insurance needs, but no employer can afford to pay for all these benefits.. Because of their cost efficiency and portability, as well as their contribution to an employee’s work–life balance, voluntary benefits are increasingly becoming a central component of many companies’ overall benefits strategies.

Unlike traditional benefits like health coverage, employees are responsible for paying most or all of the cost of these voluntary options. If your employee’s are wondering what the advantages are for their participation in voluntary benefits you can tell them they are getting lower prices and the convenience of working through their employer. Voluntary Benefits may not be the right solution for all employers or individuals. We can provide assistance in determining if and what type of voluntary benefit plan designs are right for you. A few you may wish to consider are:

  • Supplemental Life Insurance – Term and Universal
  • Long Term Care
  • Pre-Paid Legal
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Pet Insurance
  • Accident and Hospital Income Policies

Every employer has different needs just as does every employee. We can help to lighten your workload by providing other benefit services.

  • COBRA & HIPAA Administration
  • Administration of HSA’s and HRA’s
  • Payroll
  • Customized Benefits Summary Statements

Employee job satisfaction is more than just a paycheck and there are benefits that you can offer that provide great value at little to no cost. When employee job satisfaction is high turnover is low. We can help you design and implement the following programs that assist in driving employee satisfaction.

  • Wellness Plans
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Teleworking
  • Paid Time Off